In last few years, words like harassment, violence and assaults have become common words to our dictionary, otherwise it was something which people use to hide and feel ashamed about to talk.  People now, are opening up their selves and speaking about the truth they have been facing since ages. In Australia, the attitude of people might have changed but the actual problem of harassment is not showing any kind of reduction in their charts. Most of the time women and girls are the victims of such cases. Raise your voice against violence with Najo Time for Change Necklace and support the campaign. Get the necklace and other sterling silver jewelry’s discount deals with Najo Discount Code from Supersavermama.

No doubt Australia is a land of beauty but we cannot deny the fact that there are some people in the society who are trying to abolish this beauty. A place becomes more magnificent with its people but when they are been assaulted badly how can you protect this beautiful natural thing that is human. Najo Jewelry is one of the largest accessory brand and take this matter as its responsibility to be highlighted.

Statistics shows that one over five women have been stalked during their lifetime whereas one in five women faces harassment at her workplace. In Australia one in four children are exposed to domestic violence which leads to the homelessness of many women and children. There are many other shameful facts which are ruining in our society. Najo has raised voice against these elements. This time on White Ribbon Day it has introduced its Time For Change Necklace.

It is a sterling silver jewelry with two interconnected rings which symbolizes the unity among men and women who are working together and should respect each other rather than violating. Women should be treated equally and should be provided with save and healthy environment to work with. Najo is offering all the profits from the sale of this necklace in the support of White Ribbon Campaign. They run a movement where people supporting the campaign will post their picture wearing this necklace with hashtags of White Ribbon and Najo Jewelry.

“When a woman supports other woman, incredible things happen.” As we reduce the stigma associate with violence and support this campaign, we will be able to find more help seeker. Najo Jewelry will continue to support such campaigns, perhaps their little contribution could actually change the time and we will be able to give appropriate support to the victims and reduce their rates in near future.

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