I wanted to travel from Sydney to Paris and wanted a good flight deal. Being pocket welcoming and travelling with luxury at the similar time is one of the blessings that I was looking for! I came across Qatar Airways Promo Codes while I was searching for reasonable fares to book my ticket.

I ended up coming across the discounts on their website and finally booked my ticket. My ticket included of straight flight from New York to Paris with economy class facilities and meals. Here is when my actual travelling started, from going to the airport till being seated on my seat in the airplane I was surprised how good of a service they provided me. Since travelling alone has always made me suspicious about the services and comfort level but this time the travelling alone anxiety turned into ease for me.

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When I was finally seated in the plane, firstly the seats were beyond comfortable because for an economy class I was expecting comfort but not luxury. Then for the meals I was not expecting this excellent food, I couldn’t hold myself from gulping every single item they provided me in the meals. I travel frequently with different airline and never buy speedy boarding. So I never expect to be among the first to board. Indeed I am inclined to watch the queue die before leaving my seat in the departure lounge.



I would much prefer to save money on my fare rather than give it to the airline. If it means less time in an economy seat waiting for everyone else to board and settle into their seats then surely that’s a bonus. But with Qatar Airways I didn’t have to worry about this at all.

Those who splash out on first class fares; well good for them. This is a minor benefit. For the rest of us, are we really so insecure as to value ourselves based on a place in the line? Accept in mind that you will be taking your seat in economy for all to see.

Qatar Airways and the reduction I got while being on board made sure that I’m valued and they look up to letting me take a wise decision next time when I plan to travel. Be the most satisfied customer like I have been and stick to the right decision.



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